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Tax Engines Need Digital Onboarding, and Modios Delivers It

Many companies, whether they’re migrating to a new engine or adopting one for the first time, turn to tax professionals at consulting firms to handle tax engine implementation and ongoing maintenance. Why? Because tax compliance is complex. Tax engines, for example...

Product Mapping Got You Down? Let Cordiance Help!

Product Mapping Got You Down? Let Cordiance Help!

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad, Right? Wrong!

Most project managers are familiar with the tension and interplay between a project’s budget, scope, and schedule. It’s sometimes called the Iron Triangle, because each one of these three things is inevitably constrained by the others.

Some Like It Bot: Humanization Of Robotic Process Automation

It’s happened to us all: we trust one little robotic intelligence and humanity is competing to survive (2001, Terminator, Robocop). Hot take: maybe stop trusting government robots. When automation threatens our jobs, sexy business process engineering, and workflow, it’s easy to fall back into tha...

Making Disruption More Than a Buzzword: Consultant Software

The status quo is definitionally familiar to anyone paying attention, companies grow, prestigious businesses are the ones that have adapted the best to change, so go with the old guard if you want a good solution. This ignores a critical factor in such a terramorphic landscape: when business grow...

Why Modios Stands Alone as the RPA Tax Solution

There is a crown-jewel quotation in tax industry editorial that is more tempting than a meaty brain dangled in front of a zombie’s face: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Now, if Benjamin Franklin were alive today, he might realize that the two inevitabil...


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