Making Disruption More Than a Buzzword: Consultant Software

June 9, 2020

The status quo is definitionally familiar to anyone paying attention, companies grow, prestigious businesses are the ones that have adapted the best to change, so go with the old guard if you want a good solution. This ignores a critical factor in such a terramorphic landscape: when business grows, it grows exponentially. Nexis in different states, tax laws in 14 countries (some EU, some TPP), and regulations changing yearly. You would need a HAL-9000 tier supercomputer to calculate it, and yet we trust 50 accountants from companies using business rules from 50 years ago. We can’t trust just a computer, we can’t trust just tax professionals. Cordiance is disrupting this space with human cybernetics (“cyborg” is too hokey). With software defined by best practice, Modios synthesizes the human approach and the logistical one. Forget “opinionated software” like an uncle at a wedding who knows a little bit too much about post-war Germany, our Consultant Software works with you, doesn’t tell you what to do.


Traditional opinionated software will punish you for doing things the wrong way. There’s a reason SaaS companies like DropBox and WeTransfer have fundamentally different approaches to a service as universal as file sharing, because somewhere out there, there is a “right way.” Remember: everyone’s opinion is a practical “just makes sense” from a certain angle. All software is moving this way. Even Microsoft Word started marking double spaces as grammatically incorrect a few years ago. Companies don’t sell tools anymore. As business interconnects infinitely, companies sell approaches to sisyphean tasks.

However, Consultant Software like Modios has the approach baked into it’s backend. Since Tax Footprint can stay consistent across engines, Cordiance CPO Dierk Haskin says: “Modios pares us down to requirements.”

Insert your requirements, let Modios run. It’s Modios’ job to think for you, but in the scary HAL-9000 way we discussed early. It isn’t going to use your body as a battery like in The Matrix. In fact, in the original script for The Matrix, the robots were using the human imagination as computing power. This is what Modios is doing. Since best-practice, driven by our consultants and each individual clients’ “just-makes-sense” approach, the resultant Consultant Software lets your team use their brain power on the new stuff, the challenging, the original, the different. That’s what you hired them for. If there’s an answer, let Modios take care of it, with no new hires, and no one replaced in the process.


Modios synthesizes tax into itself to turn the Government imposed rubbering of information into something digestible by human stomachs. Real-Time Documentation means you have something immediately deliverable when the taxman comes knocking, and it’s baked into the process of using Modios. The human-handed 50 accountants league should be documenting what their doing and giving to you for free, but no, it’s a “luxury.” Modios is a software, how about you just press a button? (And to be clear, there’s no microtransaction on the button.)

But since it’s software, what happens when you change things around? If pressing buttons is so easy, what’s stopping me from pressing every button because they light up and are very satisfying to click?

Real-Time Validation! Gone are the days of changing one variable and breaking your implementation, forcing a restart. Modios checks, rechecks, triple rechecks. Numbers only go so high, but Modios updates your documentation and checks for errors in real-time. And hey, you can always rewind to earlier points in the process, update, and return to your original place without having to input the same thing again. Modios can handle the repeatable stuff, you’re here to tackle the exciting. Dierk Haskin followed up his quote from earlier, rattling off every single feature and process of Modios to tout, with:

“…Saving ultimately, labor.”

Modios prevents mistakes, and in a field where mistakes mean fines, bankruptcy, and jail-time, neither Cordiance or you are interested in making mistakes. Each of these features is based on consulting expertise and clientele specific approach. Modios works the way you wanted other software to. But what gives Cordiance the right to tell me what to do?


Cordiance is the only company that is living in the post-Modios future. Working remotely even before the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re adapted to online solutions and Cloud solution workflow. We started here. Principal Consultant Paul Woeltje was very clear, when asked why he came out of retirement to bat at the big leagues again: “Cordiance works on a software that is based on expertise and best practice.”

Sure, Cordiance made Modios, but now Cordiance runs on Modios. You wouldn’t trust if the CEO of Dunkin Donuts ran on Starbucks every morning (If you’re curious: our CEO drinks Yorkshire Gold, which is kind of embarrassing, but we’re all about transparency) so why would you trust if Cordiance didn’t leverage Modios every chance it got to save us labor? Money? Most importantly, time! Once we knew how easy things are with Modios, why wouldn’t we use it? Modios has synthesized with Cordiance into a consulting company and a software company. Hence, Consultant Software. With 300 years of combined tax experience, we know the value in sharing ideas. We were just the first time to roboticize that. Stuart Eccles said in 2015, “Any large consultancy right now would be foolish to avoid asking the question: ‘How do we make the software version of what we do?’” and we’re just as surprised as you are that we were the first across the finish line. (Which we’ve blogged about before.)


So yeah, the singularity is coming. Let’s leave the theory of that to the ethicists out there, but in a business sense, pen and paper are out. Modios is about to merge with tax professionals at large because it is the first software to automate the process of new ideas. [It would be nice to sprinkle in facts here about how often we update,] So next time you’re stuck on data-entry, or restarting because of surprise factors, or staying late to cross your t’s and dot you i’s (which you really shoulda done on Tuesday), and you think “Dang! I really wish I had a personal robot butler to help me with all this”… just know, we’re here!

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