Rapid Upgrade

Expand The Scope Of Your Implementation as Your Business Grows

So you’re thinking big. You’re planning to expand into new markets and you’re working hard to develop new offerings that will excite and delight more customers in more places than ever before.

Reality Bites: But as you’re buying and selling new things in new places, the reality is you’re going to have to deal with indirect tax on all these business transactions. You will have to get the tax right, you have to get your invoices right, and you have to get the right tax information onto your returns.

Don’t let indirect tax get in the way. You’re on a mission, and Rapid Expand can help.

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Flex as You Grow

Modios delivers scalable tax implementations that can grow as you grow. As your business expands, your tax solution can keep pace and grow alongside it.

Go Global

Modios is built to deliver global solution designs. Modios makes it quicker and easier to grow a North American sales and use tax solution into a global indirect tax solution.

Fully Tested

Modios runs thousands of tests to make sure both your existing tax scenarios and your expanded tax scenarios are delivering the right tax results for the right reasons.

Fully Documented

Your new solution comes with the most complete documentation in the industry. Modios sets the gold standard for solution documentation.


We’ll set you up with a solution built to support your growing business, that runs in cloud, that’s fast and secure, and that works with the leading e-commerce, business and billing systems.

It’s fast: Maybe you already have a tax engine, maybe you don’t. In either case, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re starting from scratch or migrating from something else, our advanced technology-enabled implementations mean you can be up and running in less time than you thought would ever be possible.

It’s all included: With the solutions we’re building for you, everything you need can be included in your license. We made it super simple. There’s no extra cost for implementations or integrations, it’s all in a single all-inclusive contract.

Just tell us what you need: Sales Tax? Check. Use Tax on purchasing? Check. VAT in Europe and beyond? Check. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got this: So if you’re an emerging or growing company, with or without an existing indirect tax solution you may be outgrowing, put the solution in place that grows as you grow and supports you wherever and whenever you need it. We can quickly replace a different tax engine that just isn’t working for you. Don’t persist with an inefficient, inaccurate or poorly implemented solution. And don’t persist with something that hasn’t lived up to the promises.

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Grow. Flex. Expand.


As you move into new markets, work with new customers and suppliers or generally expand your offerings, your tax solution needs to stay in lock step with your business. That’s where we come in. With Rapid Expand, your tax solution can support you now, and it can support you tomorrow:

  • Faster time to value because our implementation time can’t be beat
  • Increased ROI because you get the benefits sooner
  • We’ve made it as easy as possible to come on board
  • We’ve made it as easy as possible to migrate from something different
  • We’ve made it as easy as possible to manage your solution
  • Our solutions grow with you as your business grows

Modios Rapid Upgrade makes it quick and easy to grow your implementation as your business evolves

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Be Exact

Analytic tools create
documentation even if
none exists today.

Be Optimal

Custom-built solution
is fast, powerful
and effective.

Be Fast

Extends the
operating life of your



When you are an approved Modios Professional Network member, you get access to a variety of support resources including API documentation, KPI configurations, Dashboard Customization kits and all of our training videos.

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  • We use data analytics to optimize our process
  • A powerful workflow engine manages delivery
  • AI enables Modios to think like a trained professional
  • We leverage the cloud to enable easy access
  • We leverage the cloud to ensure speed
  • We used the most modern development tools and techniques to build our technology