Our Story

In the Making for Decades

The Vision That Drives Everything We Do

The basis for the foundation of Cordiance was a burning desire to reduce the time, cost and risk usually associated with complex tax technology projects.

To tell our story, we must go back in time to the turn of the millennium, when pioneering vendors transformed the tax technology landscape with the release of the first truly global tax engines, capable of supporting the most complex global indirect tax needs.

Over time, an ecosystem of partners built businesses around tax software implementation.

As the partner networks evolved, and as projects grew larger and more complex, the time and cost associated with the projects grew larger too. Value went down. Risk went up.

That’s where Cordiance comes in.

We had the vision to realize it didn’t need to be this way and we had the skills and experience to create new technology solutions to address the problem. Cordiance aimed to revolutionize a market where the status quo had prevailed, because the status resulted in more hours, longer projects and increased cost.

We knew it didn’t need to be that way, and we set about changing and challenging the way things were.

Where the tax engine market was transformed by globally capable solutions, Cordiance is transforming the implementation business through a combination of advanced and intelligent automation, expert implementers and lean, optimized methodologies.

We are creating powerful new solutions that enable the implementation teams to be as efficient as they are effective, which reduce time, cost and risk while increasing the value and return our customers see from their investment in tax technology.

We’re doing all of this because we knew there had to be a better way and we had a team capable of delivering on the most ambitious vision our industry has ever seen.

Modios from Cordiance.

Next generation solutions for the real world delivering the fastest, most advanced, most complete and most innovative intelligent tax process automation technologies our industry has ever seen.