Product Mapping Got You Down? Let Cordiance Help!

October 26, 2023

Cordiance Product Mapping Accelerator Reduces Tax Engine Product Mapping Time and Cost by over 90 Percent

We’ve all seen news stories about the disruptive effect AI and related technologies (machine learning, large language models, robotic process automation) will have on our lives. While AI is a game changer, it can be hard for technology-centric solutions to deliver quality results in cases where subjective factors like human expertise would influence the outcome (here’s a quick read of some of AI’s more infamous failures). In short, AI is fast, but it’s not always correct.

Here at Cordiance, we create software solutions that combine the speed of computer-assisted automation with the real-world expertise of our in-house tax professionals. We call this combination intelligent automation, and it will change the way the enterprises interact with their tax engines.

Correctly mapping products and services from an ERP system to a tax engine is a necessary evil. Necessary in that it must be done accurately to ensure taxes are properly tracked and paid. Evil in that for most businesses, product mapping is an intensely manual process that’s long, tedious, and error prone. Mistakes in product mapping are insidious. Because of the sheer volume of products, materials, and services in an ERP system (just one ERP transaction can include hundreds of elements that must be properly mapped), an undetected mapping error can cause large under or overpayments and expose a business to tax penalties and interest. It’s a process that begs for intelligent automation.

Cordiance is helping customers simplify and accelerate product mapping needs with the launch of Product Mapping Accelerator. Part of our Modios suite of next-generation smart tax software solutions, Product Mapping Accelerator combines the speed of automation with tax expertise to reduce product mapping time and cost by over 90 percent. With Product Mapping Accelerator, customers can:

  • Map sales and purchasing product/service categories to a new tax engine in minutes
  • Migrate product mapping from one tax engine to another
  • Revalidate mappings at planned intervals to ensure the products are mapped correctly
  • Simplify compliance with changing tax laws by quickly updating product map trees
  • Map multiple trees simultaneously even if they are using different tax engines

Product Mapping Accelerator can leverage tax content provided by all leading tax engines, including Avalara AvaTax, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, Sovos Global Tax Determination, and Vertex O-Series. The solution supports complex jurisdictions like Brazil and India, as well as mapping for United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) product codes.

In short, Product Mapping Accelerator reduces the time and cost associated with product mapping by combining automation at speed with real-world tax expertise.

I invite you to see for yourself just how much easier the product mapping experience becomes when using beneficial Product Mapping Accelerator by signing up for an interactive online demo.

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