Cordiance Joins Thomson Reuters Onesource Certified Implementer Program

October 19, 2019

Cordiance Demonstrates Expertise by Receiving a Thomson Reuters Certification in the Implementation of ONESOURCE Tax Solutions.

SAN JOSE, Oct 19, 2019 — Cordiance, the developer of Modios, an intelligent robotic implementation solution for ONESOURCE, today announced it has joined Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Certified Implementer Program (CIP). Membership in CIP recognizes Cordiance’s knowledge and ability to design, build and deliver technology solutions that support Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE indirect tax applications.

Cordiance has demonstrated expertise with ONESOURCE technologies and proven its ability to develop solutions that meet customers’ needs. Through CIP membership, Cordiance customers can be certain that Cordiance is trained and highly competent in the ONESOURCE suite for indirect tax.

“We are extremely pleased to have joined the Thomson Reuters Certified Implementer Program. Membership shows both our customers and partners our expertise with the ONESOURCE Indirect Tax application suite and recognizes our strong relationship with Thomson Reuters,” said Stephen James, CEO of Cordiance. “We have a very uniquely qualified team with years of experience and a deep understanding of indirect tax and ONESOURCE. CIP membership helps to tell our story as we continue to share it with our customers.”

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has an industry-leading portfolio of global tax and accounting solutions for corporations that enables the streamlining of data and process automation across tax, accounting and finance functions. Today, it enables tax compliance and reporting in more than 180 countries.

“Modios is changing the way tax solutions are implemented,” Stephen continued. “Robotic process automation makes it possible to implement solutions in less time and at lower cost, and we’ve seen that it can do this without any compromise in quality.”

As a CIP member, Cordiance will further strengthen its relationship and partnership with Thomson Reuters. CIP membership is key to Cordiance building out its ONESOURCE implementation practice and expanding its go to market strategy to benefit mutual customers. CIP is key to the Cordiance strategy to deliver solutions in the areas of Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Business Applications, Apps and Infrastructure.


Cordiance builds advanced technology solutions which are changing the way that tax engines like ONESOURCE, Vertex, and others are implemented. We deliver the fastest, most advanced, and most innovative tax engine implementations in the industry. Our seasoned management team are tax and technology industry veterans known for pioneering and innovation. Cordiance is privately-owned.

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