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Rapid Testing

Test Your Tax Engine In Real-Time

Thoroughly testing a tax engine is traditionally complicated and expensive because yesterday’s testing tools are built to maximize time and materials costing. Modios ignores the status quo. Now you can automate thousands of test cases, custom scenarios, and configuration settings you didn’t even know about.

Work one of two ways:

Intelligent Automation

Automatically generate both the test cases and predicted results in minutes.

Custom Configuration

Custom test utilizing any of the data points and attributes within your tax engine.

What passed. What failed. Why.

You can see the details that we sent to your engine, and you can see all the information it returned. Line by line, invoice by invoice. You can create some incredibly complex and valuable tests that could form a key control and a key part of your tax governance strategy.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Mitigate risk. Increase productivity. Reduce maintenance.

Nothing stays the same. Your ONESOURCE and Vertex configurations and solution design will continue to evolve as your business changes over time. You’ll be applying product updates, installing content updates, and deploying integration updates as your tax engine vendor releases them. You might expand into new countries. You might acquire a new business. You might launch new lines of business or manage changes in your supply and distribution chain.

So, how do you know everything still works and you’re getting the tax results you expect? And how do you know you’re getting those results for the right reasons?

And wouldn’t it be great if you could create powerful master tests? Or schedule those master tests to automatically run and periodically notify you if the results are different than before—for every country and location where you do business? Now you can!

Rapid Testing Lets You:

Establish Tax Engine Connections & Upload Test Decks

Review Test Results

Assess Scenario Status and Result Codes


Drilldown and Analyze Individual Scenarios

Download Test Results In Excel Format

Extra-ordinary tech. Extra-ordinary value.

Be faster. Be complete. Be better.

Modios Rapid Testing makes sure your implementation is working as it should. It lets you create and run thousands of tests, and the results are displayed right in your browser. You can quickly and easily see which tests passed and which ones didn’t—and then drilldown into the results to find out why. Rapid Testing can create and execute tests for any Tax Engine instance so you can quickly and easily determine if your solution is delivering what you need. You can export the results to Excel® format and much more. Rapid Testing ensures your deployment runs better and faster for longer.


Available anytime. Anywhere.


Works with most major tax engines and implementations.


The first RPA technology built for Global Indirect Tax Market


Adapts to fit a wide variety of business cases and environments.


Grows to meet the needs of your business.

Simple & Supportable

Small learning curve. Fast ramp-up. Seamless integration.

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