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Better Master Data Drives Better Tax Results

Master data is key to accurate indirect tax decisions. The problem is that much of this data evolves over time, grows in volume over time and can be hard to validate. Outside the US, VAT registration data is mission critical. Modios Rapid Verify helps by reducing complexity and by automating VAT master data validation utilizing intelligent tools that tell you everything you need to know. Now your team can verify the VAT master data necessary to drive accurate results in your tax solution in real time.
Verify Single ID’s

Check a Single Number

Enter Registration Number

Single Registration Result Returns "Invalid"


Single Registration Result Returns "Valid"

Automate Verification

Complete Digital Transformation of Tax Data Accuracy

Customer and Vendor tax registration numbers need to be correct for both proper tax determination and for tax reporting. Verifying master data accuracy is critical to Indirect Tax determination. As a best practice, tax registration numbers need to be verified when onboarding a new client or vendor. Modios Rapid Verify handles all of this on a periodic basis that can be managed and scheduled by the tax team versus the outside tax engine vendor. Modios puts control of the entire verification process into your hands saving you time and resources.
Verify Multiple ID’s

Upload a List of Numbers

Review Batch Results List


Drilldown On A Single Result's Issue

Download Batch Results In Excel Format

Comprehensive Tax Registration Verification

  • Do a quick check on a single registration ID number, or upload batch files to rapidly check multiple ID’s
  • Ongoing updates will expand the second check to add more countries each quarter
  • Coverage for 149 jurisdictions
  • Bulk verification process provides a comprehensive results file
  • All results are displayed on-screen allowing visual review and data drilldowns


Available anytime. Anywhere.


Works with most major tax engines and implementations.


The first RPA technology built for Global Indirect Tax Market


Adapts to fit a wide variety of business cases and environments.


Grows to meet the needs of your business.

Simple & Supportable

Small learning curve. Fast ramp-up. Seamless integration.

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