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One of the most significant advantages of determining taxability using a tax engine is that they are supplied with extensive and well-researched tax content. The reason tax content tends to be complex and voluminous is because it has to support tax determination for many different products and services in many different locations. Good tax content is key to accurate and repeatable tax determination for your business transactions.

Predictable? Modios is the answer.

Unintrusive, Rapid, Low-risk, High-value, Automated

To work effectively, your engine needs to know how your business systems describe the different products and services that are bought and sold. Typically, this is known as Product Mapping – making a direct connection between a product or material group as described in your business systems and the tax content in your engine

Product mapping tends to be a very manual and labor-intensive process. It can be expensive and error prone.

We have developed a powerful, automated module within Modios to accelerate product mapping. It takes how you describe the products and services you it buy and sell, as its starting point. Using predictive modeling, natural language processing, synonym generation, matching algorithms, rapid data processing and more, it automates the identification of possible and probable content matches for your products, services, tax classifications, and material groups.

It presents likely options, with a ranking score, and invites you to accept the system-generated mapping or drill down into alternatives.

It rapidly accelerates what was previously a very manual process.

It gets you better tax decisions in less time. It reduces risk. It save you money.


Available anytime. Anywhere.


Works with most major tax engines and implementations.


The first RPA technology built for Global Indirect Tax Market


Adapts to fit a wide variety of business cases and environments.


Grows to meet the needs of your business.

Simple & Supportable

Small learning curve. Fast ramp-up. Seamless integration.

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