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Rapid Migrate

Fast Migration, Streamlined Process

We can move from you from on premise to cloud and from one tax engine to another more easily and quickly with Modios. With RPA-driven tax engine platform switchover / transformation, we fix significant errors like incorrect determination, organizational change, and subsequent disconnects with tax policy. This mitigates data loss, orphaned exceptions, and maintains existing functionality. Whatever your migration need, we’ve got you covered.

One Engine to Another

If you’re using a tax engine today, Modios can leverage your configurations and design to accelerate your migration to a new engine.

On Premise to Cloud

If you’re running on premise, Modios can migrate your configurations and design to accelerate your move to the cloud.

Fully Tested

Want to run tests of both your old & new tax engines to make sure everything works as it should? You can do that with Modios.


Fully Documented

Your new solution includes the most complete documentation in the industry. Modios sets the gold standard.

Migration Plus—The Modios Difference

When you’re moving from one platform to another, take the opportunity to do it right. Don’t just replicate what you have. Seize the opportunity to make sure your solution fully meets your needs and is delivering the right tax results for the right reasons. Make sure your configurations and design are as efficient yet effective as possible. Prior solutions might not take advantage of more modern configuration techniques or leverage the most recent functionality. Aim higher and make sure your solution doesn’t just do what it always did – make sure it really meets your needs and requirements.

Modios Rapid Insight

Save even more time and money.

If you move to the cloud, your tax engine and content are kept up to date by your vendor. You’re always using the latest version of the engine and you’re always using the latest and most up-to-date tax content. You’re going to see better uptime and you’re likely going to see better overall performance.

Migrate. Streamline. Explore.

Modios Rapid Migrate Delivers Incredible Value and Accuracy:

We can move what you have and replicate it or build on it to make sure it better meets your needs. You’re going to see a lot of benefits and value:

  • Latest and most powerful software versions
  • Latest and most up-to-date tax content
  • Lower impact on business processes
  • High impact on productivity
  • More streamlined compliance
  • Low cost, lightweight, fast and powerful

Modios Rapid Migration makes it quick and easy to move to the cloud or to migrate to a different tax engine.

Be Exact

Analytic tools create
documentation even if
none exists today.

Be Optimal

Custom-built solution
is fast, powerful
and effective.

Be Fast

Extends the
operating life of your

Modios Professional Network

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When you are an approved Modios Professional Network member, you get access to a variety of support resources including API documentation, KPI configurations, Dashboard Customization kits and all of our training videos.

Small Business values. Enterprise Level results.

  • We use data analytics to optimize our process
  • A powerful workflow engine manages delivery
  • AI enables Modios to think like a trained professional
  • We leverage the cloud to enable easy access
  • We leverage the cloud to ensure speed
  • We used the most modern development tools and techniques to build our technology
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