Modios AI: Automated Implementation

Top Quality Tax Engine Implementations in Less Time

Cordiance utilizes advanced intelligent process automation to deliver extremely high-quality tax engine deployments in dramatically less time and significantly lower cost than any other implementation methodology. We built the Modios AI platform to make this possible. Modios AI is true next generation tax automation. It leverages the power of the cloud, your tax and business data and the expert knowhow of our implementers and engineers to drive massively better projects in less time than you ever thought possible.

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Driven by Data

The intelligent process automation that powers Modios AI leverages your tax and business data to drive massive acceleration.


Modios AI delivers best-in-class documentation. Complete, detailed, clear and helpful. We can even create new document for your current implementation if you don’t have any.

Intelligent Automation

Modios AI leverages the power of the cloud, intelligent workflow engines, rules engines and more to deliver work to the highest standard.

Rapid Migration

If you have an existing indirect tax solution, Modios AI can use it as the basis for developing your new one. You bring the old one with you and we use it to drive even more acceleration.


Modios AI makes sure your implementation is working as it should. It can figure out your tax scenarios, predict the right tax outcomes, automatically create and run thousands of focused and relevant tests and intelligently analyze and process the results. We can quickly and easily see which tests passed and which ones didn’t, including the ability to drill down into the results to find out why. The power of Modios AI testing ensures your tax engine runs better and faster for longer.

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Modios AI knows how to deliver a fast and complete tax engine implementation. But sometimes you want to leverage the knowledge and experience of expert implementers who have done it hundreds of times before and know exactly how to drive the best outcomes. And Modios AI lets them do that. Modios AI automation is made even better by expert augmentation. Modios AI brings the horsepower, our experts bring the brain power.

Fast. Flexible. Powerful.


Modios AI, along with our next-generation methodologies and the finest implementation professionals in our industry, delivers tremendous benefits. The powerful combination of our next generation robotics, our advanced methodology and a laser-like focus on quality customer service come together to deliver the fastest, most cost-effective tax software implementations our industry has ever seen:

  • Modios AI is the first end-to-end robotic process automation solution for US and global indirect tax implementations.
  • Modios AI was built using the latest techniques and makes extensive use of fast, efficient microservices
  • Modios AI leverages immense computing power to rapidly deliver work that used to make months and sometimes years
  • Modios AI was custom built by a team of expert engineers and tax professionals to reduce time, cost and risk
  • It totally works

Modios AI delivers exactly what you need to make the most of your tax engine.

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Be Exact

Analytic tools create
documentation even if
none exists today.

Be Optimal

Custom-built solution
is fast, powerful
and effective.

Be Fast

Extends the
operating life of your



When you are an approved Modios Professional Network member, you get access to a variety of support resources including API documentation, KPI configurations, Dashboard Customization kits and all of our training videos.

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  • We use data analytics to optimize our process
  • A powerful workflow engine manages delivery
  • AI enables Modios to think like a trained professional
  • We leverage the cloud to enable easy access
  • We leverage the cloud to ensure speed
  • We used the most modern development tools and techniques to build our technology