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Tax & Business Analytics

Fast, powerful analytics solutions deliver unprecedented value

Generating large amounts of tax and business data is easy. Making the most of it can be difficult and it can be expensive. Cordiance is solving this problem by building transformational technologies and solutions enabling both the smart management of your tax and business data and advanced analytics driving precise and actionable insights into that data.

Tax experts, developers and data scientists work hand-in-hand to create smart, intelligent solutions delivering absolutely unparalleled value relative to cost.

Tangible Benefits Maximize Return

Advanced ETL

We use the latest technologies to extract, transform and load your tax and business information to rapidly populate the data lakes which underpin our solutions.

Advanced Analytics

Cordiance enables descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to be performed on your tax and business data warehouse.

Modern Technologies

We build our solutions using modern, scalable frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark to enable low cost mass-distributed storage and smart, intelligent processing of your tax and business data.

Incredible ROI


*Value Increase Varies With Implementation

Cordiance does for big data and analytics what Modios does for tax software implementations. We take otherwise complex and expensive business problems and solve them with smart solutions which are as efficient and effective as possible.