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Indirect Tax Implementation

Modios reduces time, cost and risk

Robotic automation tools come in many forms, from keystroke simulation to intelligent, thinking solutions. It’s at this complex end of the spectrum that Modios operates. The powerful combination of our next generation robotics, our advanced methodology and a laser-like focus on quality customer service comes together to deliver the fastest, most cost-effective implementations our industry has seen.

Modios uses advanced analytics to help streamline the process leveraging both an extremely powerful workflow engine and artificial intelligence to ensure the highest levels of speed and performance. When we can take time, cost and risk off the table, the value and the return on your investment goes up. Our solution runs in the cloud enabling the immense computing power necessary to bring Modios to life.

Tangible Benefits Maximize Return

Rapid Deployment


Faster Go-To-Market Readiness

Extremely rapid deployment—getting you up and running in the fastest possible time

Fixed Fees



Highly competitive fixed fees. If the scope stays the same, so does the fee.

Solution Documentation

Thorough, high quality and usable

Enabling & Empowering

Modios preserves the ability of professionals to direct the process. Blending computing power and the skills of our expert team makes the difference.