New platform aims to save 75 percent of the time and cost associated with implementations of the ONESOURCE indirect tax engine using the latest robotic processing technology coupled with the experience of industry leading experts.

SAN JOSE — Cordiance has launched Modios, an intelligent implementation solution for ONESOURCE which leverages Cordiance’s advanced robotic processing technologies to reduce the time and cost associated with traditional deployments. This new technology-enabled approach offers rapid and comprehensive implementations addressing the needs of organizations of all sizes.

The Modios platform is the result of the vision of a group of experienced industry veterans who built Modios to disrupt the implementation approach for ONESOURCE. Modios enables dramatically better results than traditional indirect tax implementation processes. Modios brings together the computing power of the cloud and the expert brainpower of the Cordiance team to reduces time and cost – all for a fixed price. In a highly-customized and automated fashion, Modios learns from a customer’s business tax history, business rules, tax requirements and tax exceptions to deliver results in a fraction of the time it might take a more traditional project team. Further, Modios utilizes its robotic automation capability to rapidly execute testing, with advanced capabilities—allowing much more thorough testing than was previously possible.

With Modios, Cordiance can deliver projects that once might have taken years, in weeks and months. The reductions in time and cost help ensure that the time-to-value is shorter and ROI is higher than was ever possible. With other new products and services coming soon, Cordiance will further disrupt the tax technology business and help deliver unprecedented value to its customers while leading the industry with a whole new set of standards.

Cordiance LLC

Cordiance aims to be the most innovative implementation partner for ONESOURCE indirect tax. We service SMB to enterprise clients, and our solutions focus exclusively on the ONESOURCE ecosystem. Our customers rely on us to deliver the intelligence, technology and expertise they need to find trusted answers. Our seasoned management team are tax and technology industry veterans known for pioneering and innovation. Cordiance is a privately-owned company.

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