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One of the tremendous values of a best-in-class indirect tax engine is its ability to adapt to your specific business circumstances. Your engine needs to know the way you work with your suppliers, customers and vendors. It needs to know how your supply chain works. It needs to know your business processes. It needs to be able to support your operations in North America and around the world. But over time, even the very best implemented tax engines can start to get stale – and performance will suffer.

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Things change. You might add new products or services. You might expand into new markets. You might make changes in your systems or processes. All of this has a tax impact and unless your engine is aware of these changes, performance will suffer.

That’s where Refresh from Cordiance comes in. We can quickly refresh and cost-effectively retest, revalidate and re-certify your configurations so that your tax engine and your business work in harmony. We also deliver updated solution documentation.

Performance Increase

Unlike Ever Befrore

That’s Where Refresh From Cordiance Comes In. With Modios Optimize, You Can Quickly:

  • Refresh your implementation to take account of changes in your business
  • Thoroughly test the refreshed implementation to make sure everything still works as it should
  • Revalidate and recertify your new tax engine configurations
  • Create completely updated versions of your solution documentation

Cordiance does all of this for a low, fixed fee. There’s no better way to keep your tax engine up to speed with changes in your business.

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We recommend an Refresh (and our related Optimize Service) Once or twice annually.

Solution Snapshot

Modios captures a complete view of your tax configuration, applies an extensive context layer and outputs it in record time.


Modios documents everything it touches in a consistent way to maximize accuracy and readability across teams.

Intelligent Analysis

The data Modios delivers is qualified and verified by both Robotic Application Intelligence and human expertise.

Actionable Insights

Modios provides tangible insights you can take immediate action on with full transparency and confidence in the results.

Deep Analysis Of Your Tax Engine Configuration

  • Mitigate risk & meet the demands of compliance
  • Make the complex simple
  • Quickly identify weak links in your Tax Engine, business process, business data, etc.
  • Identify tax-related inefficiencies & impactful improvements
  • Jumpstart your tax team’s digital transformation
  • Enable clearer communication of business requirements and needs between tax and IT
  • Learn how your tax engine is configured
  • Increase supportability of an existing Tax Engine instance

Modios can visualize the journey enabling you to stay focused on the destination.

Modios’ customizable dashboards help you to visualize ROI from RPA-driven processes versus traditional approaches all in real-time and according to your own custom metrics.


Available anytime. Anywhere.


Works with most major tax engines and implementations.


The first RPA technology built for Global Indirect Tax Market


Adapts to fit a wide variety of business cases and environments.


Grows to meet the needs of your business.

Simple & Supportable

Small learning curve. Fast ramp-up. Seamless integration.

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