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The Most Powerful Configuration Toolset for tax engines


The Most Powerful Configuration Toolset for tax engines

Modios Insight was developed to solve one of the most significant business problems. Sometimes tax engine implementers just don’t document their work properly. Even if they do, it can quickly become dated—as in most cases it can’t easily be updated while your business and implementation changes over time.

Powerful configuration reporting, custom-built to help you unleash the power of your tax engine.

Our utilities address this significant problem. They aren’t a substitute for the best-in-class tax reporting capabilities of the engine you’ve licensed. They are custom-built augmentations and extensions engineered to help you better manage your implementation and to make the most of the power of your tax engine.

Modios Insight delivers incredible value and accuracy:

  • Create baseline documentation, even if none exists, through reverse-engineering your current solution design and configuration
  • Deliver powerful, actionable insights into your current solution
  • Delivers additional reports giving visibility into some of the advanced configurations such as trans editors, product qualifiers, rule qualifiers and reference lists
  • Designed and built by engineers with considerable industry experience in tax engine implementation
  • Some reports are customizable and configurable
  • Low cost, lightweight, fast and powerful

Modios Insight delivers exactly what you need to make the most of your tax engine.

Truth in data — Accuracy in Tax


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