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You can’t get good tax results with bad data.


You can’t get good tax results with bad data.

Better data intensifies the power of your tax engine.

Good master data is at the heart of every indirect tax decision. Even the best indirect tax engines will struggle if your master data isn’t crisp and current. Cordiance’s Modios GPS Service solves the problem using advanced processes and logic to deliver highly-accurate US and global address verification.

CASS-certified processes, fuzzy logic and the power of the cloud come together to cleanse your master address data and drive better tax results

Bottom-line, if you need to validate addresses globally, at cost competitive rates and obtain rapid return on your investment, you can do that with Modios GPS

With Modios GPS, you can:

  • Ensure your master address data is as good as the determination you get from your tax engine
  • Benefit from CASS-certified processes which make sure critical US customer address data is accurate, delivering cleansed data and the right ZIP+4 information
  • Convert and geocode US address data to latitude and longitude
  • Leverage fuzzy logic and additional data cleansing logic to resolve address errors that standard address validation cannot.
  • Get clean master address data for European Union and over 220 other countries and territories to facilitate accurate Value Added Tax calculations
  • Identify addresses that reside within the European Union to facilitate General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance

Truth in Data — Accuracy in Tax


Validates US and international addresses with unsurpassed address accuracy


Utilizes fuzzy logic and CASS-certified processes to match and convert address data


Verifies and corrects country specific addresses and post codes to current standards