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Legacy Onboarding Approach & Process

Our customer provides a service which required considerable upfront effort to onboard each new client. The extended onboarding effort impacted their cycle time from contract signature to revenue, and our customer was experiencing bandwidth issues due to increased workloads.


Digitally Transformed & Augmented Onboarding

  • We built a solution leveraging our Modios platform to deliver core components of the new customer onboarding process
  • We were able to reduce time commitment for each onboarding by more than 60%
  • We were able to help our customer handle the increased workload without increasing headcount
  • The use of our technology to manage repeatable parts of the process helped our customer deliver a consistent user experience

Global Semiconductor Manufacturer


Increasing Project Complexity & Scope

Our customer was migrating from an older version of ONESOURCE to a current generation cloud version while simultaneously upgrading to Oracle in the cloud. Additionally, the project scope grew from what was initially just North America to include many countries in Europe and Asia. Some key milestone dates were already approaching when we got started so time, as is so often the case, was of the essence.


Scale Automation Technology for Investment Preservation

  • We were able to get the job done in record time
  • Using Modios, we were able to leverage the prior US solution to reduce build time and cost
  • We were able to take a prior project with a narrower North American scope and seamlessly help our customer grow it into a global solution
  • We were able to work with multiple stakeholders and partners across many different time zones

Global Leader in Media & Business Information Services


Broad Scope & Disparate Team Resources

Our customer was working on a global ONESOURCE project with more than 50 countries in scope and which due to the scope and scale had high levels of visibility to their leadership. The project comprised multiple workstreams across multiple enterprise applications and required us to work with key stakeholders across multiple time zones.


Digital Best Practices & Streamlined Process

  • Immediate start and ramp-up
  • We met and exceeded delivery timelines which could not have been possible using legacy delivery models
  • We saved our customer significant time and money
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